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Printkey 2000 is a screen capture tool with print support
Question by Guest
February 6, 2023
Pooja Bajaj
Answer by Pooja Bajaj

PrintKey2000 is not compatible with Windows 11. You may need to find an alternative screen capture software that works with your operating system.

Usha Kumari
Answer by Usha Kumari

To return the program "PrintKey2000" to its original "clear" color, you can try following these steps:

  1. Open the program.
  2. Go to the "Settings" or "Options" menu.
  3. Look for a "Color" or "Appearance" section.
  4. Find the option to change the color and select "clear" or "default."
  5. Apply the changes and restart the program if necessary.

Note: The exact steps may vary depending on the version of the program you're using.

Pooja Bajaj
Answer by Pooja Bajaj

To fix the issue with PrintKey2000 printing a shade darker, you can try adjusting the printing settings within the software. Look for options related to print quality or color settings and make any necessary adjustments to lighten the print output. Additionally, ensure that your printer's settings and ink levels are properly calibrated.

Question by Guest
April 14, 2015

At some point last week I managed to change a setting on PrintKey 2000 that makes it so I get an instant screen shot when I hit the PrtScn key, without going through the settings. Now I want the settings menu back so I can do specific rectangles, etc, and I can't get back in to change it. Any suggestions?

Answer by Sean Hill

I have installed the application and the only way to change the hotkeys is through the Hotkey menu. Start the application, then right click it on the System Tray and choose Open. When opened, it will also capture a screenshot of the desktop. Go to HotKey > Setup and assign other keys or change them as you need.

Additionally, I recommend using the latest version of the software or a replacement.

Question by DLN
February 1, 2017

Does PrintKey2000 work with Linux or Mac? How about the competitors Greenshot and Snagit?

Answer by Alex Urbach

No, PrintKey2000 doesn't work with Linux or Mac. There are no downloads for these platforms, but you can either use similar applications or one of the ones mentioned by you as well.

For example, Greenshot is for Windows only while Snagit can be installed on Mac as well in form of a trial.

An alternative would be Instantshot for Mac. I've tested the application and it works very well. Download it through the following website:

Question by Guest
July 25, 2014

Printkey2000 refuses to print. What to do?

Answer by Julia Bocchetta

To enable printing, first make sure the printer is set to default. You can do this by right clicking it in the Printer's area in Control Panel. Once it has been set up, access settings and Define Hotkeys then each time the hotkeys will be pressed, the application will capture and start printing.

Question by Guest
October 6, 2020
Answer by Guest

of course you can duh

Question by Margaret Champion
July 9, 2019
Answer by Guest

With Windows11, I overcame that problem by going to Settings/System/Display, and, under Scale and Layout, changing it to 125% or 100%.

Question by Guest
June 27, 2020

I can print clear images on one computer but when I use another one, the images are blurry.

Answer by Akash Shah

It is possible that the issue lies with the settings or configurations on the computer where the images appear blurry. It is recommended to check the screen resolution settings and image quality settings on the computer experiencing the issue. Additionally, ensuring the latest version of PrintKey2000 is installed and updating graphics drivers may also help in improving the clarity of the printed images.

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