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Printkey 2000 is a screen capture tool with print support
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Guest Program works great. Those having the "No default printer error", exit the application, go to your printer and devices menu. Select a new default printer if you have a 2nd option, then select your initial printer that you want to use as your default. Relaunch the application and that should fix it.

Also, if you go to the printer Options tab, rather than selecting Default Printer as the printer, select your desired printer from the drop down should fix it.

Great program otherwise. Low memory usage, works in custom software that is used in our office unlike a few of the pay for print screen software, installs quick and leaves no pesky issues behind if you have to uninstall it.

Been using it for 10 years in an office with 30 PCs, OSs ranging from Win XP through Windows 8.1.

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Guest Just added it to Win 8.1. It seems to work. I think the freeware is on the way to go. I have used it on multiple computers for many years.

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Guest Has anyone had a problem on a Window 7 PCs with a "no default printer" error when they try to print a screen directly using PrintKey?

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Guest Yes, we have ran across this issue. Doing a registry repair doesn't fix the issue either.

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Guest 15 years & multiple computers and ше hasn't crashed on me. Tiny, unobtrusive, and it works.

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